Simply Living


Editor’s note: We’re excited to introduce Palmer Gregg, Director of Storytellers (a title we all want) at CrossRoads Missions, photojournalist, enjoyer of pipes, and appreciator of handcrafted things. As you might expect from a director of storytellers, he’s a wonderful fellow for standing around under a tree and talking at length during a lovely afternoon. Also, he has a beard—the surefire mark of a spinner of tales.

Simply Living is a personal photo project I took up seven years ago after leaving the demanding and busy world of newspaper journalism. A simple life is intrinsically beautiful in its intentional focus and devotion to a small set of internally coherent ideals. It was, and is, something that I greatly desire for my family.

My intention at the time I began the project was to continue following and photographing this family every few years as they raised their children, grew their vineyard and lived out their intentionally simple life in a world where multitasking and constant distractions are the norm.

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