Gas Stations After Dark

While digging through some of her old poems, Tina Gregg discovered this particularly timely one for today. It was written late at night, still in anger, after returning home from an evening out. It was 17 years ago, but it could have been written almost any night.

Gas Stations After Dark

Scuzzy rednecks on a power trip
Beer guts jiggling
They chuckle at how small they make me feel
Eyeing me as meat
They gaze menacingly
Their eyes strip me of my dignity
As they slowly peel off my layers
I flash a look of challenge and proceed to ignore
the disgusting ill-bred manners
The anger burns inside
I pray my eyes don’t betray me giving the reaction they seek
from their psychological games
Wanting to feel Big
They only prey on lone girls

The female secret

We are our only witness
of the raping the defenseless endure

CMB ~ May 2000


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