Survival Celebration

I was held in your world that night
absurdity reigned
and I had nowhere to run
no way out
stuck only with the fear
the love
the aching round my heart
faced with strangers
a laughing girl child
who made it plain
she knew you better than I
it was torture
watching your descent into madness
the realization
that you were lost to me
the cruelty of the gang
sickened me
and I was the friend you couldn’t be
helping him through his horror trip
he marveled that I didn’t fear
pitiful, he begged me to stay with him
crosslegged on the floor
I talked and talked
through the paranoia, the pain
the demons and fear
as he watched the holy pictures move
until the sun rose
in the light of dawn
he found himself again
filled with joy that the journey was at an end
we made it through the night
but I was cold
cold and weary
we saw the day in
from on top of the world
the sun so bright
and you were there too
in all of your glory
understanding dawned in the brilliance
of your survival celebration
this half doped dazed
death life that you choose

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