Bread and Blood

“Just dip the wafer in the cup,” he explained
— it’s the least messy option,
the clean and sanitary way.

my experience here is limited
to say the least, I thought

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Make Beautiful Where You Are

Six years ago we planted a tree.

That fall, I looked at the hallmark website to find the suggested gift for a five year anniversary. My choice was either wood or silverware. And since Jen and I already had enough spoons, why not make a Japanese Maple from Home Depot our gift to one another?

It’s not something I do every day, planting trees. I found the perfect place, and the young sapling went into the soil of our front flower bed like a small package. We nurtured it at first, and then God took care of the rest. It seems like everything grows here in East Tennessee. Glory to God in the highest, I love living in Appalachia.

I’m in awe of these maples. They grow into a slow kind of beautiful. And they stun you with their red leaves if you let them. Today, our little maple is not much taller than when we first planted it, but we’ve learned to enjoy her quiet growth.

Slow is an important word for trees. I remember visiting 600-year-old and 200-foot-tall red woods north of San Francisco. These massive trees reminded me once again that I am not the center of it all. The Muir Woods, like slow-spoken grandfathers, made me listen like a child to the world around me.

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