Love, Mercy, and the Struggle of Living

Brian Wilson

We’re excited to welcome Doug Floyd to the Foundling House family! Doug is the Assistant Rector at Apostles Anglican in Knoxville, and it is our hope that he will open the language and beauty of cinema to our little community. He loves films that rarely make the summer blockbuster lineup and frequents the oft-neglected art house theater on the west side of town. Also, he’s a reader of Orson Scott Card, so of course we snatched him up immediately.

How can we discover glimpses of beauty in a broken world? As the film Love and Mercy explores the life of The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, it immerses viewers into a world of creative surprise and disintegrating anguish. The lens focuses our attention on two periods of Brian’s life, his ascent and descent in the 1960s and his torment and renewed hope in the 1980s. In these brief glimpses, we feel the wonder and magic of Brian’s inner life as well as the loneliness and anguish.

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Where is Justin Bieber Now?


The new Justin Bieber video, which recently hit one-hundred million views on Youtube, is astounding. It’s remarkable, really. Go watch it before we go on. It is proper art, I think, and it might be the only artful thing left for Justin to do (or at least for Justin’s team of persona-makers to do).

In the opening frames, the camera flies through an art gallery to see the trademarked Bieber being his trademarkable self in several of the photos on the gallery walls, crooning and staring into the lens, wetting his lips between lip-synced words, walking around an empty, backlit stage. None of this is interesting, I know. Typical pop music video material.

But once we are out of the first verse, the video begins to tell a story.

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K Brew and Craftsmanship

We at Foundling House are proud to present the second in our ongoing film series. K Brew is delightful coffee shop anchoring the corner of Broadway and Glenwood in North Knoxville. We love their commitment to craft and quiet excellence. Also, we love tasty things, of which they have many.

You can find more about them at

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An Interview with Terry Weber


Terry Weber is one of the kindest individuals we know. Couple this with his role as Artistic Director of the local theatre company The WordPlayers, and you’ll find a man who is well-versed in encouragement and in making good performers great. He teaches acting and voice at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and has played in productions from Seattle to New York to Avignon, France. He was gracious enough to sit down and answer a few of our questions.

FH: Audiences and patrons of visual art categorize theater apart from television and cinema. Why is it important that people engage with the theatrical art form? What is unique about the flesh-and-blood element of the medium?

TW: When actors and audience gather in the same room, breathing the same air, experiencing the story at the same time (no “pause” button in live performance), feeling the same vibrations of sound in the space, then the potential for a transcendent experience exists like in no other situation. All art can be transcendent on some level, transporting the individual to a felt place beyond himself.

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Rising Hill Road

Cades CovePhoto by Lori Douthat

There’s a road that curves
          exactly the same
                       as the line you see on my palm

It travels along
          my arm, like the veins
                       you can’t see inside my heart

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