The Night of First Christmas

Chad Sparks, Teaching Pastor of Providence Church in Knoxville, TN, takes a poetic look at the night before Christmas, but from God’s side of the curtain.

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Fir Tree

With broken wrist:
You lay on the floor,
Belly full of iron grit.

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River and Rail Theatre Co. Debuts New Musical

From Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to Jesus Christ Superstar and The Cotton Patch Gospel, stage writers and musicians alike seem to enjoy the challenge of re-imagining Bible stories. It’s quite a task to bring new depth and color to a familiar narrative without taking any meaning away from the original story, and The Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph’s Baby achieves this goal with great success.

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Martha and the Redbud

Redbud Flowers

My father’s mother was not ashamed of revealing her favoritism when it came to her children or grandchildren. Different though we were, neither my father nor I were among her favorites. My mom supposed that was because we didn’t need her as much as the other siblings or grandchildren.

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