Foundling House is a collective that was born out of a community in Knoxville, Tennessee. The editors, Janna Barber and Adam Whipple, and the valiant webslinger and designer, John Barber, along with a host of other local writers and artists, needed a focal point for their work. An excellent amount of creativity lives in East Tennessee and in the spheres of influence of her many authors, poets, musicians, and students. It is the desire of this community to stir the waters, so to speak, that those who have heretofore labored in isolation will cross paths with others and go on to even greater work.

Of course, while Knoxville-centric by birth, we are by no means limited to a local roster of contributors. We are open to national and even international submissions. Good work is good work.

This is also a place of exploration. There is much to find within these walls. We love brave, truthful writing and craftsmanship. Most of all, this is a house of encouragement. Don’t check your story at the door. Bring your faith and your doubts with you. Be served by the work of great authors, songwriters, and craftspeople. Beauty is food for the spirit.

We’re glad you’ve come. Welcome to Foundling House.



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