Ash Wednesday News

Again the gunman enters.
Again the children crouch
Under desks with prey’s
Terse stillness.

Once more the chopper angles:
Lines of scurrying hostages
Like pheasant before the hiss
Of prairie fires.

The hack script re-cobbled
Together falls now flat
And horrid against our thirst
For novelty.

Kyrie eleison.
The world grinds its organs
In ceaseless overspill—
A false-calm noise.

Christe eleison.
Lent has now begun;
We are refugees from
The gun-loud land.

Kyrie eleison.
Amid clamor we crouch,
Hoping at least for horror,
Love’s last checkmate.

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  1. Matthew Cyr
    Feb 21, 2018

    Beautiful. Unspeakably ugly, but beautiful.

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