bleeding in, bleeding out

Orchid – Josie Koznarek

All the time I knew
you carried weight upon your back
in every tremor when you spoke,
in each “I could never…” disbelief;
as if the sin that you held close
was when you reached out to receive.

All the ways I knew
you bought such shame for taking time
in every conversation held,
how all the grasping proved the need
within a hungry heart undone,
that, reaching out, still could not feed.

Now the platitudes weigh heavy
like our waiting in the night
beneath the cold fluorescent lights.
Forgive me, sister —
all the time I knew
you, I never knew this.

As bleeding weeps, so bleeding speaks.
I’ll take your wrist and wish it true:
that you would let me
bleed with you.

Chris Wheeler

Editors Note:

Poet Chris Wheeler is collaborating with artist and friend Josie Koznarek to produce his first book of poetry. Learn more and support the project over at indiegogo.

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