Two Poems by Devon Kelly

He Will Make the Bloodroot

He will make the bloodroot
Blossom underfoot,
Flowers white, unfolding
Wherever you have looked
For thistles and for thorns.

The ground that used to mourn,
That cried with Abel’s blood,
Is laughing even now
    With Christ’s.

Pink Magnolia: an Ode

The magnolia, burdened with beauty,
      Palms open to heaven,
Cups her hands to drink
From the warm and golden stream.

Every flower a saucer,
      Translucent, a globe of light,
Waits to water the earth
With petals in her death.

The magnolia, weighty with glory,
      Boughs heavy with beauty,
      Eyes saucers of dawn,

Has been welcomed into the dance.


  1. Janna Barber
    Aug 13, 2019

    Wow! These are great!! Welcome to Foundling House, Devon.

  2. Devon Kelly
    Aug 14, 2019

    Thank you so much, Janna! It’s an honor to have work here.

  3. Ruth Bodycott
    Aug 14, 2019

    Devon, love your thoughts and exquisite descriptive words!
    Delightful and skillfully “painted”! What a talent you have!

  4. Shigé Clark
    Aug 14, 2019


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